Birthday party


I want to share the memory of the best and most crazy birthday of my life. For my 24th Birthday I decided to attend the Neophyte Records Worldwide Anarchy party at Sans Souci in Berlikum in Friesland. It was exactly at the same date as my birthday and I couldn’t imagine of a better birthday party than this one! :) Even if the party was so far away, because travelling from Austria to Friesland is quite a way. But I didn’t even think about that. I just decided it. So I grabbed my two best friends (from Austria and the Netherlands) and travelled nearly a whole day to Berlikum in Friesland. We arrived at the rented apartment and celebrated a bit. Next step was going to the party. But there was one problem. There were no taxis or trains or any public transport at this time. So we walked to the party. It took us one hour and finally arrived at midnight. The party was really really awesome. And I got the best birthday present, a photo with Neophyte, my favourite DJ of all time. :D

After the party there was no bus, no Taxi nothing. So we had to walk back one hour in the ice rain! That was quite cold… and very adventurous…and funny, but it was all sooo worth it! It was really awesome. I am always so happy thinking back to this day. Thanks a lot for this awesome Night. :)

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